hairycolin (hairycolin) wrote in nightrocker,

Killing Fantasy pics

in the usual selfish tardy way, here are some pics from killing fantasy...
for some reason they're nearly all the clown, althou there are some hot chicks in there too for good measure!

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and thank you for the shot of Rosie (with the Vampire teezth)...

oooh. She is cute.

And vampiric.

my two favourite things...
i think my two favourite things are the girls on either side of me.. one of whom is with rosie :D
i actually can't look at them without feeling sick!
thanks a lot, dickhead
you didn't have to look at them again!!!
oh my :-O
some of those pics of me are shocking. i dont even remember half of them! and hey, rosie is mine. hehe x
i don't know who you are and i don't know who rosie is, therefore i cannot offer the guarentee of no hands..
i'll promise not to be a clown again thou!
hehe, i am the oneeee...with the dress that is all lace. looking very drunk in quite a few pictures..with santa too. im quite shocked that i dont remember the santa at all! the clown outfit was great! :-D
looking at the pics, there are about 3 girls with lace dress on, but i don't mind you being any :p

do you have a lip piercing? or are you the red top?

apoligies for not remembering you directly.. i'm imagining we had some very deep conversations which alcohol will forever deny us of
yar i am the one with the lip peircing, with the girl in the red top. looking rather worse for wear i must admit! hehe alcohol is denying me much from that night, dignity perhaps being one! (was just a bit ill on the bus home!)
a lovely couple if ever i saw one!
at least you remember getting a bus home... geeeez

I will be missing the next event i think - gutted! but at least it saves on the costume
Hello gay.

Where are the pics fromt he last KF?

Hope all is well sweetie.
i want my 15 minutes back from teh force!!

i can't be bothered uploading the last lot from KF
HOW could you NOT like it, I don't get it. I fucking adore it, it is the funest thing ,ever. Well, one of them. Sell it, as you have to order it from america or amazon I am sure you will get some dollars for it.

I'm sorry, I thought as you have taste it would be up your street so to speak (ha).

I still don't get it though.

Oh, and UPLOAD.

it was rubbish....
just a packet of chips pretending to be stuck down a well.. but the well had a lift etc... and power... har har indeed..

rubbish - don't buy the 4th series dvd that is coming soon
Its not a packet of chips, its the aqua teen hunger force. You must of watched a bad one, which is odd as I didn't think that was possible.



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